Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Ok lets pick up where I left off...

So I went back to my Hooters location on Friday at 3:45 only to be told to come back on Tuesday at 8:30. (I have yet to meet my Store Manager)

After sleeping all day with N I stayed up all night, literally! I got ready and wore a Guy Harvey Tee and some black PINK leggings from VS along with some tennis shoes. I got there around 8:10 and took my wallet and a pen in with me. Two other girls joined me. Finally the manager came over and greeted us and we started signing our life away as she went over everything with us. We even got a handbook:
It basically just has rules and regulations of being a Hooters Girl, which I will go over more in another blog (I Promise!) It also states your rights, safety and alcohol awareness. (I'm still waiting on a larger book with more details on the Hooters Girl image, which I will definitely snap some pictures of to share with you all)

After going over everything we were told to be back at 9:15 in the morning ready to start training. (Training is a total of 4 days) She gave us our training packets of what we will be doing everyday.
Tomorrow we have to take HazCom test and follow our trainer around. I sure hope I get a friendly trainer. I will let y'all know more tomorrow of how my first day went!

Hooters Girl

Friday, August 9, 2013

Jealousy, Money & Relationships

Why is it that when our spouse isn't jealous we get upset and when they are jealous we get annoyed?
Good question, huh?
Why is money, truly, the root of all evil?
It's disgusting if you really break it down and think about it all: As humans, we love money and for the most part it seems to make us happy. Now let me ask you this, what about when we don't have enough? We seem to let it destroy us as a person, we let it rip us apart and depress us....causing not only problems within ourselves but problems with others such as family and also our spouse. With our economy now, its terribly hard for some to find a job. Most jobs call for a high school diploma, a G.E.D., and 2 or more years of previous experience in whatever it maybe you are applying for. Nowadays, it seems McDonalds or fast food is about the only thing you are guaranteed to get a position in. But, that still doesn't help when you want to find a better, more professional, job later on in life. No one notices that you worked at the local McDonalds for 3 years while you were in high school. So therefore you are at a stand-still on where to apply next. Sometimes getting a job is about "who you know" and sometimes even "how much money you have" and how "well-known" you are. Such a sad world we live in.
Now there are people who play the poor-pitiful me game of "well no one is hiring", as they sit on their rear watching TV all while living off the government. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE! Then we have those who wake up every single day, hopeful and search but still don't have the right qualifications, and most of the time these are the people who are the most hardworking, who have been through hell and back and actually know the value of a dollar. Yet, employers hire these spoon-fed adults who don't give two-shits.
When some one cannot find a job after searching and searching, it eventually takes a toll on them. Causing them depression and to become a recluse to the world, leaving them feeling worthless. Now, what about when you find a job and your spouse doesn't seem to support your job or career decision, when it's really the only option you have at that moment? Even though you've done nothing but support your spouse 100% in their decision making. Your spouse constantly nags about your needing to find employment but once you do, it isn't the right job and then seems a little disappointed which brings other concerns to the surface of your relationship.
A spouse should stand behind you no matter what at all times! Through good and bad, thick and thin!
With my job decision of deciding to go be a Hooters Girl, I'm not going to lie, it has caused some issues between N and I. He's seemed to almost shut it out of his mind and totally played the "I don't care" card. Which in my mind has come across as well he doesn't care and isn't proud of me or proud of my job decision. If anything, he would be embarrassed. But it hasn't started with the job...like I said the job has just brought some other things to the surface that I've noticed but failed to mention.
I want my spouse to be proud to be dating one of the "World Famous Hooters Girls" I know if I was a guy, I would be. I am the most faithful person he has EVER dated, I've never done anything to embarrass him before, I get dressed up for him only to be put on the back-burner when we go out on the weekends. You should never have to BEG your spouse for attention, and basically that's what I'm doing. I'm standing here daily, begging my spouse to show me off to his friends, make them jealous and be proud to have me on his arm. I'm tired of begging, especially when they're are "plenty of fish in sea" who would be more than happy to show me off and show me the attention I deserve. No, I'm not saying leave your spouse when they aren't showing you attention and I'm definitely not telling you to cheat, that is a complete NO-NO!
Now with all that being said, I think a lot of guys think money can buy a girls happiness, yes in the beginning it can! But once your feelings get involved money no longer matters, attention and love do! Yes, I know we all get caught up in work and sometimes we neglect our spouse because we may be tired and have other issues on our brain but trying to occupy someone with money does nothing....especially for someone who is looking for emotional comfort, love and attention from their significant other.
Always give your spouse the attention and love they deserve or someone else will.
Communication is key.
Lets say that again: Communication is key.
Now, one more time: Communication is key.
If your spouse doesn't seem worthy of your attention or even your love, then communicate and explain what's going through your head. I know it's hard to bring up the conversation, but if it isn't resolved it will only get worse....

I know, personally. I've been there and experienced it.

Hooters Girl

Thursday, August 8, 2013

God has other plans for me

So last night I stayed up all night, literally until 7 a.m., until N got home from work. I finally fell asleep and woke up at 1 this afternoon realizing I needed to get up and go talk with my college advisor about my final semester. After speaking with my advisor she informs me that I owe the college money since I didn't finish my last semester completely last Spring. So until I have paid the amount back, in full, I wouldn't be able to attend and finish Cosmetology. Am I upset? Yes, a little. But I also think of it as God may have other plans for me right now and I'm completely o.k. with that. I'm young and have plenty of time to go back to school, right now I want to focus on other things such as N and I searching and starting a home together, trading in my car and paying off some other debt such as my student loans I've accumulated over the past 3 years. I can still be a hairstylist from home, I'm not worried about finding a salon job right now. I am young and living my life to it's full potential! Remember, God is always in control and always has a plan for us! 

Hooters Girl 

My Hooters Girl Audition:

I woke up that morning to only see it was raining, FML. So I started getting ready I did my hair the exact same way I did the day before when I applied for the Hooters Girl position. I did my makeup the same except instead of a smoky eye, I went with a light super shimmery eye (remember I love shimmer!) I wore a black Juicy Couture tracksuit and only wore my nude bra under the jacket. I didn't have pantyhose to bring and wasn't going to go out an buy any because D never said for sure if I was hired or not. I also brought a pair of white and silver Nike's. I left extra early so I could be early, because even if you ARE on time, you're still considered late to some employers. ALWAYS be early!
When I arrived I had to call to make sure the front door was unlocked, it wasn't but a Hooters girl came and unlocked it for me. She took me to the back to D. He gave the Hooters Girl a measurement tape and a piece of paper. She said, "Ok lets go to the bathroom." So I followed. She measured certain places on my body for my uniform. Then she left the bathroom telling me she'd be back. When she came back she had a Hooters Girl uniform in hand. I told her I didn't bring pantyhose so she took me to the back where there was a vending machine of nothing but pantyhose, they were $5 a pair. I went back to the bathroom to put on the famous Hooters Girl uniform. The Hooters Girl uniform is a totally different post in itself. So for now, I'm not going to mention any details about it. Sorry.
Anyways, after putting on the Hooters Girl uniform I walked out and stood around with the other Hooters girls. D came out and introduced me and mentioned I was doing my audition and I would be following a Hooters Girls, who we will call LB. LB was loud and dark haired. She had a mustache due to her makeup being caked on too thick. Although without makeup, I'm positive you could still see her black mustache.
For the next two hours I pranced around in my Hooters Girl uniform for D to see how comfortable I was in it. I also walked around and hung out and chatted with some tables. D called me over to run some food to tables and then when I came back he said, "Ok, you're hired! Go change your clothes, you can keep that uniform, and then come back over to me with your audition paper I gave you yesterday." So I did the above. I came back over and he pulled out a pen and wrote on the back:

(His name) D
Hired me on Tuesday!
I look good in the uniform
and I auditioned well.
Set me up for an orientation
He told me to be back on Friday 8/9/13 at 3:45 p.m. (with my audition paper) to speak with my General Manager, who I haven't met yet, about orientation. That makes me a little nervous since the GM is supposed to be the man who hires and fires.
I'm finally completely caught up on my blogs, so now I will blog daily. Stay tuned for more!
Hooters Girl

After my interviews....

I called my mama and immediately announced that I was going back the next day, she was excited and very surprised I went through with the whole process! I called a few of my friends and texted some others, who were just as excited as I was. I finally made it home, after jamming out the whole way back, I ran upstairs to tell N but he was fast asleep so I just waited. I told anyone and everyone I could! I. WAS. EXCITED!!! I later left and went to a friends house to hang out while N slept, then I came back home to tell him and to see him off to work. He knew I would get it so he wasn't surprised at all, I actually think he was disappointed....

Hooters Girl

The paper said:

Preparing for a Hooters Girl Audition
During this phase in the selection process, you may be asked to try on the Hooters Girl uniform and have your personal picture taken. Here are some tips you may find helpful to prepare for the day:
  • Style your hair and apply makeup for a glamorous appearance
  • Wear light or nude colored undergarments that will not show through the white Hooters tank top
  • Bring a pair of athletic/running shoes, white socks, and tan colored pantyhose.
I was ecstatic and over-filled with excitement! He told me to be back the next day (Tuesday, 8/6/13) at 10:30 a.m. for my Hooters Girl Audition.

Hooters Girl

2nd Interview Questions:

Another manager finally came over, whose name I cant remember for the life of me. His questions were a little different but not much from the 1st:

  • Why do you want to be a Hooters Girl?
  • Tell me a story where you've helped someone out at work and in your personal life.
  • As a Hooters Girl you are aware you are here to entertain each guest?
  • How could you entertain people who come eat at Hooters?
  • What could you do to make sure as a Hooters Girl you make someone's day better?
  • Have you served alcohol before?
  • Have you ever had a customer drink to much and get out of line? Did you get a manager or handle it yourself?
  • How do you know when someone has had enough to drink and you need to cut them off from all alcohol?

Now I had made it through my 2nd interview! D came back over with half a piece of paper that said....

Hooters Girl